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How it works

STEP 1You may request a pre-addressed return box by completing the evaluation form.

STEP 2We will send a priority mail repair kit to your address. It contains the pre-addressed return box, a service form for your contact information and a plastic bag to seal your instrument from dust contamination during transit.

STEP 3When your instrument arrives, we’ll send an email notifying you that it was received and has been successfully entered into our service tracking system. It will undergo a FREE 10 point performance evaluation and, following the evaluation, an exact quotation will be sent via the contact method you specified.

STEP 4If you agree to our quotation, we’ll immediately repair your instrument. You may pay with any major credit card or we can send a confidential and secure PayPal invoice. Your meter will be professionally packaged and returned via USPS Priority Mail or, if you have a shipping account, by the carrier of your choice.

STEP 5If you don’t agree to have your device repaired, we’ll return your device – return shipping charge only.


The repair method is the same – you should send your meter directly to the address found at the bottom of this page. After we contact you for approval and your device is repaired, we will add a shipping charge that follows your specific return instructions. Please include a note with your meter including an e-mail address and a brief description of your problem.

By submitting this form you are requesting a pre-addressed priority mail package in which you will return your device to us for repair. The package can be used for no other purpose.

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