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CERTIFIED – Fluke Instruments Currently For Sale

All have been accuracy verified on all ranges and functions – Genuine Fluke leads available!

I usually have other meters in stock not listed on this page because they are primarily offered to my service customers. If you have a particular model meter in mind, please contact me via the form to the right and I’ll let you know if it’s available.

I have just certified several more Fluke multimeters. 

177 – $129.00
179 – $149.00
289 – $399.00
787 – $249.00

Call 855 – 77FLUKE for more information.

As is the case with all my re-certified instruments, these meters are tested, certified and carry a 90 day performance warranty.

Fluke 187 TRMS Multimeter – $189.00

Fluke 87III TRMS Multimeter – $149.00

Fluke TL71 Premium Silicon Leads – $29.30

Fluke AC 175 Alligator Clips – $16.40

Larger, individual pictures are available. Please contact us if you have any questions
Shipping cost via USPS Priority Mail is $12.15 anywhere in the USA.
TOLL FREE: (855) 773-5853

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